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Data Analysis with R


Course Description:

R is a programming language and a software environment for statistical data handling and graphical visualizations. For this, R is a free alternative with regard to common programming languages for statistical data analysis, such as SPSS, STATA or SAS.

Participants of this tutorial will be introduced to the basic and modern application of this software and will be prepared to independently learn further functions. In addition, tasks and material are offered so that the new skills can be applied and trained.

This tutorial is aimed at participants of the courses "Regression and Time Series Analysis (MWiWi 4.9) and Microeconometrics (MWiWi 4.8)" as well as all students, who would like to use R in the frame of their practical work.  

Even if you are only interested in general, you are invited to attend this course. A good prerequisite for a complete understanding are basic skills in statistics (and econometrics).

Course language: English

Session dates:

Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm s.t., cf. StudiLöwe: WIR010006

first session:
November 10, 2020