Summer Semester 2022


Statistics I - Descriptive Statistics, BWiWi 1.11 (Course language: German)

Statistics II - Inductive Statistics, BWiWi 1.12 (Course language: German)

Economic Statistics - Introduction to Econometrics, BWiWi 4.2 (Course language: German)

Proseminar - Group 13, BWiWi 7.1 (Course language: German)

Data analysis using R, Tutorial (Course language: German)


Master's Seminar "Regression and Time Series Analysis: Selected Topics in Forecasting and Modelling Time Series Data" MWiWi 6.4.9

Doctoral Students:

Doctoral Seminar "Seminar in Advanced Econometrics"

Exercise material for the individual sessions can be found within the respective course category on our platform moodle2 .

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